Our Factory

Our Products

We offer an extended range of dairy powders including:

  • SMP
  • FCMP (26% & 28%)
  • FFMP (typically 26%)
  • Whey Powders (Sweet & Neutralised Acid types)
  • Demin Whey Powder (70% & 90%)
  • Lactose
  • Buttermilk Powder
  • Casein & caseinates
  • Offspec Infant Formula

Additionally, we operate a bespoke automated system which removes product content from tins, plastic and paper packaging, tetra packs etc.
We can offer this service on contract packing or straight purchase options.

Please call us for more information.


To satisfy the requirements of the majority of our customers, all of our product is packed in mini bulk bags with a typical net weight of 1,000kgs.
Each bag is labelled in accordance with Category 3 (EC reg 1069/2009) regulations and includes a unique identity/traceability number.